Affiliate Partner Programme

Leadership Education And Management

 (LEMAN Consultants)


Name Of Programme: Affiliate Partner For Intellicard


Business Plan/Model: Independent Contractor


Thank you for your interest to be an affiliate partner. Here’s a four-stage process to get you started quick and easy:

(1) Please review the particulars below. If happy to proceed –

(2) Email Admin to receive a link to the sign-up form. Your completed form will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome: admin at

(3) If all good to go, you will receive a copy of the Affiliate Partners Agreement document  No. LC7279.

(4) You will receive an affiliate referral link to your unique landing page at the LEMAN website. Please use this link every time you mention intelicard/digital card on your website, blog post, social media or email campaign. You will receive a commission after a paid customer.                                      


 Affiliate Particulars  Doc. No. LC7278
Other Services:






Affiliate Category/

Current Sales Target


Commission On net sales


Affiliate Partner: Per Sale

Sales targets (current minimum targets reviewed quarterly)


(i) Start Up Affiliate:

0-20 cards/monthly

(ii) Fruitful Affiliate:

21-50 cards

(iii) Lead Affiliate:

51-99 cards

(iv) Super Affiliate









Fees/Commission  Excluding GST
Payment of Fees/commission  

Monthly, after a paid customer.

Key Personnel Affiliate Partner/Contractor
Work location Contractor’s Office
Deliverables Paid Subscriptions/sales
LEMAN Supervisor Digital Sales/Product Manager