John and I recently met for the first time at a brekkie event. It was a meeting that was in every way remarkable. It occasioned my first use of a digital business card. Both of us exchanged pleasantries as is customary. With the brekkie plate in one hand, each one of us used the other hand to complete the ‘usual first things first’. A common thing with such business networking sessions. That is, a quick handshake, and then let the paper business cards change hands and go do their job. Hopefully, the cards get to do that well.

This time around, I have to say, this common practice was playing out for me in a different way. It was in a manner truly convenient, smart and fashionable. I couldn’t but heave a sigh of relief. At last, something innovative and smart is right out here in my smartphone, ready to get the job done. The Intellicard – to help me engage with the people I meet, quickly and smartly.

No more regrets about leaving my paper cards behind. Nor do I have to apologise anymore for bringing out a messy card, either worn-out or crossed-out due to a changed detail. It’s a story about my experience with Intellicard, where any update, change or correction is effected digitally. Done for you and live in a minute, ready to go at no cost, any time, any day. You couldn’t ask for more. As you get to find out soon in this story, nothing like it yet. It’s a tomorrow’s technology for use today.

As John handed me his contact, I saved his number instantly into my mob. At the click of a button, I had my digital business card sitting on John’s mob. This card, by the way, contains not only my contact details but also click buttons to my entire FB/Instagram pages, website, video, audio, etc. What just transpired in an instant is that my Intellicard is at once, both a business resource and a marketing tool, containing all three in one: Send. Connect. Track.

Yes, the Intellicard even tracks with a monthly report, to see how many visits or purchases came through each card that goes out there. And yet, here’s the best part. For those who may have had their business data ever breached through an app: this is not an App Business Card where data compromise can be a serious threat to business security. I return to provide a bit more detail on the Intellicard difference, hereafter below.

For now, I imagine that you and your team would hand out heaps of paper card every week or month, in a bid to connect with customers, members or clients. Now consider the following facts in a business scenario we can all easily relate with.

(1) In this day and age of smartphones, and ‘most things instant in a multi-function handset’, stats show that 80% of people who receive paper business cards either can’t find them when they need them or simply have to see those long-time unused or worn-out cards out in the bin.

There are just too many paper cards in circulation today. Many big corporate names have all but done the big things to go Green. Except, of course, to do the cheapest thing: get company digital cards and please do away with paper business cards now! They are passed on every day in numbers that just can’t fit into people’s wallets or purses anymore. The fact is, those cards are never always handy (if like, it turns out, they are left behind or the last supply was exhausted). When they are not, contact details may have changed. Then, you erase, and still have that awkward-look on your face, for giving out a messed-up card while attempting a first-good-impression.

The reality today is, you still can’t do really smart until your smartphone becomes your smart business card. Now, that’s really smart, good thinking. The Intellicard intelligence got that sorted out for us all. What is more? It is now helping us all to go paperless. Plus, it has the capacity to serve your business as:

(2) A marketing tool, containing your FB/ Instagram pages, website, video, audio, etc; that remains located on mobs and accessible through click buttons.

(3) A software, the supadata, with a bank-grade, 256 bit encryption. That means, securing your personal/business data. This is what I have always sought-for in a digital business card. It is what I now call the Intellicard Integrity.

(4) An ethical business-partner, where Intellicard does not collect, store or sell data as is the case with most apps-based business cards. Many of such are given out free, where the catch lies in the back-room-harvesting of your personal/business data.

The global Intellicard has only been introduced to Australia about two years ago, operating from NSW. It only began setting up in QLD with introductory pricing on-going at this time only. There are Queensland launch-season deals for everyone!


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