Sales Agent/Affiliate/Partner Particulars   Doc. No. LC7278

Business Plan/Model: Independent Contractor

 Thank you for your interest to be a Sales Agent/Affiliate Partner/Sales Partner. Here’s a four-stage process to get you started quick and easy:

(1) Please review the particulars below. If happy to proceed –

(2) Email Admin to receive a link to the sign-up form. Your completed form will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome: admin at

(3) If all good to go, you will receive a copy of the Sales Agent/Affiliate Partner/Sales Partner Agreement document  No. LC7279.

(4) You will receive a Sales Agent/Affiliate Partner/Sales Partner link to your unique landing page at the LEMAN website. Please use this link every time you mention intelicard/digital card on your website, blog post, social media or email campaign. You will receive a commission after a paid customer.                



Doc No. LC117

Where applicable






Rate Price (A$)


Commission On net sales



(1) Sales Partner: Per Sale

SignUp= 1/3.  FollowUps= 1/3

Actioned/PaidUp = 1/3

(2) Sales Partners: Per Sale

Equal share: e.g. 50% x 2pers.


(3) Sales Agent: Per Sale


(4) Affiliate Partner: Per Sale

(1) Sales Partner

(2) Sales Agent:

(i) SignUp Only

(ii) SignUp+PaidUp

(3) Affiliate Partner:

(i) Start Up Affiliate

(ii) Fruitful Affiliate

(iii) Lead Affiliate











(1) Product Manager: Per Hour

(2) Product Partner: Per Hour

 Doc. Ref: No. HW7279

(i) Build Organisation’s/ individual’s template from superdata template: 20-30 mins

(ii) Build Individual Card from superdata:15-30mins

(iii) Change details: 5-10 mins



Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Fees Total fortnightly price (excluding GST)
Payment of Invoices Work deadline: Product Mgt – Up to 2 days to do or work re-assigned.                      Sales Admin -Client follow up & weekly Report or follow up re-assigned.
Invoices to be paid                      Fortnightly
Key Personnel
Work location Contractor’s Office
LEMAN Docs/ Equipment  Office items, security passwords,

weekly/regular  job-set-up documentations

Deliverables Completed documents/items
LEMAN Supervisors Management Consultant