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A Word From The Keynote Speaker:

Work/Marketplace 2020 is about Inspiration, inspired wisdom, and then skillfulness and motivation.

If I were to reconstruct the very famous words of Donald Gee (the Christian scholar and Englishman), which emphasizes ‘Inspiration’ in the context of ministry and adapt it to the workplace, I would attempt, firstly, to lay a foundation:

In the complexity of our troubled world, the best skill set and the right motivation are no longer enough. Not enough for either an employer or employee to keep a sound mind and remain focused on set objectives and goals.

Not enough in the face of an increasingly high-pressured socio-economic work/marketplace environment of the post-secular western culture. No, that is certainly no longer sufficient in avoiding or reducing physical & mental health breakdowns. Okay, how abound being even more compounded by the future uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 and how long this will go?

I would then say that, in addition to those workplace best practices (highly required towards personal and business fulfilment), we are now face-to-face with a critical need for more and more of inspired wisdom in the 21st century, far beyond the limits of our humanity, if we are to achieve the expected end for the year 2020 and beyond. This is what Work/Marketplace 2020 is all about.

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